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Rikhardur H. Ensemble Microsonus. Next comes a patient and persistent action on the lines laid down by the knowledge, the force of our personal effort -- utsaha.


There intervenes, third, uplifting our knowledge and effort into the domain of spiritual experience, the direct suggestion, example and influence of the Teacher -- guru. Last comes the instrumentality of Time -- kala; for in all things there is a cycle of their action and a period of the divine movement Nothing can be taught to the mind which is not already concealed as potential knowledge in the unfolding soul of the creature. So also all perfection of which the outer man is capable, is only a realising of the eternal perfection of the Spirit within him.

We know the Divine and become the Divine, because we are That already in our secret nature. All teaching is a revealing, all becoming is an unfolding. Self-attainment is the secret; self-knowledge and an increasing consciousness are the means and the process Time is a field of circumstances and forces meeting and working out a resultant progression whose course it measures. To the ego it is a tyrant or a resistance, to the Divine an instrument. Sitemap

Therefore, while our effort is personal. Time appears as a resistance, for it presents to us all the obstruction of the forces that conflict with our own. When the divine working and the personal are combined in our consciousness, it appears as a medium and condition. When the two become one, it appears as a servant and instrument. The ideal attitude of the Sadhaka towards Time is to have an endless patience as if he had all eternity for his fulfillment and yet to develop the energy that shall realise now and with an ever-increasing mastery and pressure of rapidity till it reaches the miraculous instantaneousness of the supreme divine Transformation, The keynote of a Yogi is balance and sense of proportion-putting everything with just the right emphasis.

In this one single chapter,Sri Aurobindo covers the whole gamut of spiritual Living and all the key aspects in a wonderful way. There is the depth and sweep,the attention to details and the integration that is not the summing up of these details. The story of chalam is like schubert's unfinished symphony. Who can understand the ways of God? Sri Ramakrishna says in the Gospel: How little can you fathom them!

Can you ever find out the meaning of God's ways? Bhishma was none other than one of the eight Vasus, but even he shed tears on his bed of arrows.

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  7. God Himself is the companion of the Pandava brothers, and still there is no end to their troubles and sorrows! I have seen a prostitute dying in the Ganges and retaining consciousness1 to the end. God's ways are inscrutable "The ways of God are inscrutable indeed. Bhishma lay on his bed of arrows. The Pandava brothers visited him in Krishna's company.

    Presently Bhishma burst into tears. Another man as wise as he is not to be found. Yet even he is bewildered by maya and weeps at death. You may ask him about it. That is why I weep.

    The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage

    When I reflect on this, I realize that one cannot understand anything of God's ways. What are the qualifications,how adequate are they? In his parapara kaNNi,Thayumanavar says: Like climbing the mountain to look at the sky Such is the imagined search of mine to find you! The sky is very well visible from where we are!

    Yet one feels that the sky is accessible only when we climb a mountain! Today is the third and final day This is based on Kanakammal's commentary what she learnt from Sri Muruganar. Nochur recalled how Kanakammal was present in this place,last year, to listen to his exposition of uLLadhu naRpadhu,also recalled how she passed away on Sri Bhagavan's Jayanthi day 1st january In the last two days,he traced the events from the birth of Sri Ramakrishna,onto the revival of vedanta by Swami Vivekananda,onto his return to India in The same year Sri Bhagavan is attracted to Tiruvannamalai on 1 September From here,he traced Sri Bhagavan's wonderful absorption in Arunachala,how he lived in various places in and around the temple,onto his moving to Pachiamman Temple,and then onto Virupaksha cave.

    How the devotees started gathering around him and how Akshara MaNa maalai came to be composed-How Sri Bhagavan did not explain the import of this Hymn saying that it was not 'thought out'. The talks will be brought out in CD form and those interested may like to have and listen. Story of Uddhava Sri Ramakrishna asked the kathak to recite the episode of Uddhava, the friend and devotee of Krishna.

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    At the request of Krishna, Uddhava had gone to Vrindavan to console the cowherds and the gopis, who were sore at heart because of their separation from their beloved Krishna. When Uddhava arrived at Vrindavan, the gopis and cowherd boys ran to him eagerly and asked him: Has He forgotten us altogether? Doesn't He even speak our names?

    Others accompanied him to various places in Vrindavan still filled with Krishna's sweet memory.

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    In this meadow He tended His cows; here on the bank of the Jamuna He sported with the gopis. Here He played with the cowherd boys, and here in these groves He met the gopis secretly. He resides in all beings as their indwelling Spirit. He is God Himself, and nothing can exist without God. We can neither read nor write. We know only our Krishna of Vrindavan, who played with us here in so many ways. By meditating on Him, man escapes from birth and death in the world and attains liberation.

    We want to see the Krishna of our hearts. Ramana Maharishi says neti neti cannot work as a practice for self-realisation. Nisargadatta Maharaji and the Buddha both say the practice is a valid means of attaining self-realisation. Is one right and the other wrong? Are all 3 correct? I am fond of self-enquiry and neti-neti, as well as holding each of these 3 teachers in high esteem. How do I reconcile these contradictory teachings? Logic suggests it would.

    Your helping me solve this will be appreciated.

    Papaji - Piano Score Papaji - Piano Score
    Papaji - Piano Score Papaji - Piano Score
    Papaji - Piano Score Papaji - Piano Score
    Papaji - Piano Score Papaji - Piano Score
    Papaji - Piano Score Papaji - Piano Score
    Papaji - Piano Score Papaji - Piano Score
    Papaji - Piano Score Papaji - Piano Score

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